The South Florida Business Leadership Network (SFBLN) is an employer-to-employer network with a common vision of increasing workforce diversity through the recruitment and hiring of qualified workers with disabilities.

Businesses need workers and people with disabilities are an untapped source of dependable employees. A diverse workforce is vital to business success. Approximately one in five Floridians has a disability.

By hiring people with disabilities, South Florida’s employers can effectively position themselves to develop products and services that are more likely to sell to a diverse customer base, resulting in significant increases in long-term profits.

The SFBLN is committed to helping your business achieve diversity through the employment of qualified people with disabilities, assisting your business with technical expertise in qualifying for and learning more about services, programs and incentives that assist employers in saving money and increasing their bottom line.

The SFBLN was founded to assist employers in finding and retaining good employees who will help build the current business’ bottom line by provision of excellent services and achieving or exceeding current production standards. These employers have learned to look at the person’s abilities first and not at their disabilities.

Companies, both large and small, have found that it is good business to hire people with disabilities.

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